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The services provided by Lakes Telecommunications are to ease your process of getting a web presence, whether that is personal or business. All customers receive a package that is tailored to their exact needs, whether this is for hosting only, or for a fully developed ready to go web site. You can start small and grow, but you only pay for what you really need and not for options you will never use. We will lead you through the process in an all inclusive package, you do not need any knowledge of the Internet to get your site on line and working. But why should you pay when there are free web hosting sites? Well read on.


We specialise in Zen Cart hosting and support. See also our details below regarding our web hosting.

Whilst we do not provide 'unlimited' facilities we do provide quality hosting using our cloud network and support. The cloud hosting uses mulitple computers rather than a single server such that if any processor should fail the remaining network can take over and run your site.

This professional grade service does not cost a great deal more than unsupported hosting

We will quote you for a custom package for your needs, but this package including full support of Zen Cart can start as low as £25 ($40) a month

If you really want unsupported hosting as offered by many others then we may even be able to match thier price, email us for a quote.


This is a service often referred to by other hosts as Unlimited. We do not say this as there is no such thing as Unlimited service, there is always some limit. So what do we mean, well this service in reality for most people will provide all the capacity they need without ever having to worry about running out of space. we do not limit the storage capacity or the bandwidth you can use but there is a limit of 100,000 files per account and a 'Acceptable Use' policy restricting you amongst other things to using up no more than 15% of the available processor capacity at any time. You may read the Acceptable use policy by Clicking Here

Many Web Hosting companies are now starting to offer this kind of service, often called ’Unlimited Hosting’, but you need to read the terms and conditions carefully, you will find that most of them say that you must observe thier Acceptable Terms of Use Policy. In reality this says that you may be disconnected if you use the site too much.

In addition service quality may suffer on sites that get heavily used, with slow page loading and FTP lockout and similar effects

The only way to ensure quality is to have your own server, but this gets expensive and is only practical for very large sites or several sites that share the server

Our complete service is essentially the same, we are totally up front about what you can and can not do and are happy to provide full details on request

This service is particularly suitable as a starting point for shops that provide direct downloads of material, but that will in time probably have to move to more dedicated servers when thier traffic exceeds what is 'Acceptable' for shared service.

If you would like to order then if you know roughly what you require click on the order button to to the left of this page, or click on the contacts button and send your details and we will get back to you.

You can be sure we will match your requirements with the best and most cost effective solution.

The Truth About Free Web Hosting

Good free web hosting services are hard to find! There are many free services from the ones that are provided by your ISP to the ones funded by advertising. Nothing is really free, if you opt for one of the free services you may pay for this by carrying thier advertising on your site. In addition with a free service you are unlikely to get any resonable level of support, especially for problems that relate to your web pages rather than the basic technical operation of the site.

You Get What You Pay For

Many internet users assume free web hosting is the ideal way to build a first site, but quickly learn that free hosts rarely offer much-needed assistance and support to non-paying customers. This can be a particular problem for new web sites, when you are learning how to develop them. You are far more likely to need help with developing your web pages or customising your site, than you will need pure technical support for the hosting.

Great Low Cost Hosting Alternative

Save yourself the stress and hassle of free hosts -- choose an affordable paid host and get the service you deserve. Lakes Telecommunications provides a fully supported hosting service to all customers, with add on packages to create pages or support page development.

What extra do I get if I pay?

If you have free hosting then you will be provided with web space and a user name and password, beyond that you are normally on your own. Even if you are able to get some support this will take time and rarely will you get any support for your own programming, if you can it may well be through expensive premium phone lines. Bear in mind that much of the effort in preparing a site goes into the web page programming and not into the web hosting as such. Once you have made the decision to pay for hosting then check what you will get for your money, what facilities will you get. Beware that many cheap options limit what you are able to do on your website, perhaps not a problem for simple sites but it could become a major problem if you wish to add automated features in the future.

How do I order?

This is the easy part, if you know what you want or have some idea of what you want then go to the orders page and complete as much of that as you can. If you have no idea how to start then just click on the Contacts Menu Item to the left of this page, enter your e-mail address and send off the contact message and we will take it from there.